Provider specification


  • name Clients should provide FQDN. Providers should handle both FQDN and relative names.
  • ttl Reasonable default is 6 hours since it’s supported by most services. Any service that does not support this must be explicitly mentioned somewhere.
  • record All provider/API records must be translated to the following format:
    'id': string, // optional, provider specified unique id. Clients to treat this as opaque.
    'type': string, // upper case, valid record type. eg. A, CNAME, TXT
    'name': string, // lowercase, FQDN. eg.
    'ttl': integer, // positive integer, in seconds. eg. 3600
    'content': string, //double quoted/escaped values should be unescaped. eg. "\"TXT content\"" should become "TXT content"
    'options': {
        'mx': { // MX options
            'priority': integer

API Operations


  • Normal Behavior Create a new DNS record. Return a boolean True if successful.
  • If Record Already Exists Do nothing. DO NOT throw exception.
  • TTL If not specified or set to 0, use reasonable default.
  • Record Sets If service supports record sets, create new record set or append value to existing record set as required.


  • Normal Behaviour List all records. If filters are provided, send to the API if possible, else apply filter locally. Return value should be a list of records.
  • Record Sets Ungroup record sets into individual records. Eg: If a record set contains 3 values, provider ungroup them into 3 different records.
  • Linked Records For services that support some form of linked record, do not resolve, treat as CNAME.


  • Normal Behaviour Update a record. Record to be updated can be specified by providing id OR name, type and content. Return a boolean True if successful.
  • Record Sets If matched record is part of a record set, only update the record that matches. Update the record set so that records other than the matched one are unmodified.
  • TTL
    • If not specified, do not modify ttl.
    • If set to 0, reset to reasonable default.
  • No Match Throw exception?


  • Normal Behaviour Remove a record. Record to be deleted can be specified by providing id OR name, type and content. Return a boolean True if successful.
  • Record sets Remove only the record that matches all the filters.
    • If content is not specified, remove the record set.
    • If length of record set becomes 0 after removing record, remove the record set.
    • Otherwise, remove only the value that matches and leave other records as-is.
  • No Match Do nothing. DO NOT throw exception